City of Popoli

City of Popoli

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In Sintesi

Cubic meters of recirculated water: 12.85 cubic meters Surface area: 900 square meters Average quantity of fish: 172 kg

La notizia

Cubic meters of recirculated water: 12.85
cubic metersSurface area: 900
square metersAverage amount of fish: 172 kg

The plant incorporates inside the tanks dedicated to the cave to be able to breed and ensure the repopulation of the national trout and shrimp.There are two species of crops: the towers of vertical growth and the grow bed.




Spain plant

Cubic meters of recirculated water: 49.00 cubic meters Surface area: 823 sqm Average fish quantity: 650 kg


Old industrial warehouses

How to reuse abandoned industrial warehouses for an ecological and profitable business activity


Aeroponic agriculture

Aeroponics is the process of greenhouse development of plants without the use of land or any other support aggregate.